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 Since its inception in 1976, Encom has assisted hospitals, nursing homes and homes for the aged with our ability to deliver quality health care by improving efficiency and providing necessary information quickly and easily.

  .:28-06-2006:. 2006 GST Change

Please visit 2006GST Upgrade website for schedule your system upgrade.

  .:28-09-2005:. News header

The Encom Information Systems is please to announce the official release of its staff scheduling system named Scheduler 9.5.

  .:21-07-2005:. News header

Encom Saho NISS-PCS has their pre-release sign-off. The final product will be available in few month

  .:03-06-2005:. News header 

Encom has attend the OANHSS trade show which hosted in Toronto, Ontario. Over 1000 people visit our booth.

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